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New Release on 27.10.2017

Split Mirrors have opened a new door artistically and embarked on a new adventure musically. After many productive years in which they dedicated themselves exclusively to composing their own songs, Henry Flex and Achim Jaspert have now enthusiastically embarked on another heartfelt project, remixing some of their favourite songs from the 80s. The result is an album with remixed hits by friendly artists such as Camouflage, Fancy or Bad Boys Blue, as well as some of their own songs. On this album you can find classics like "Self Control" or "The Great Commandment" in the familiar Italo Disco/Discofox sound of Split Mirrors.

Recent video 

Tell Me Why - Digimax Remix

Terri B! - Dancing Fever

Fancy - Slice Me Nice

Bad Boys Blue - You're A Woman

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