Die neue Single vom nun erscheinenden Album „Never Enough“ ist „Into The Light“. Vielen wird der Track bekannt vorkommen, denn er erschien schon auf dem früheren Album „In London“. Damals allerdings in einer rockigen Variante. 2022 setzen die Split Mirrors voll auf den 80er Sound.

Release am 22.04.2022


1. Into The Light (2022 Version) - 03:48

2. Into the Light - 03:45

3. Into the Light (Freestyle Remix) - 04:43




Into The Light

Into the light

ther`s a fire in you`re eyes
loving arrows in the sky
tonight!- are you still my girl?
yes you are so far away
but i want you to stay
today i am still alone now

when you walk into my room
anything will be all right
tonight you`re not alone now

come into the light- into my life
don`t you see the sun is shining?
come into the light- into my life
do you feel the the fire`s burning
come into the light- into my life

wer night fall in love again
sep inside and tell me when
all right! you`re always my friend
we never thouyghtto feel this way
yes i miss you night and day
ok! i am not alone now